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I suppose I should lay out what I am planning on doing with this blog. While I’ve been hearing quite a lot about social justice, environmental responsibility, humane and ethical treatment, etc., it’s often difficult to internalize in just what ways a single person can change their behavior to further these causes. The fact is, while these are large, large issues facing society, they effect all of us, and they are so universal that each of us is contributing to them in some way, even if we are not out protesting, writing letters to senators, or trying to explain it to our friends. I’ve realized recently that pursuing personal satisfaction and happiness in and of itself is like a dog chasing it tail- it’s simply unachievable. So, then, what is one to do. Meditate, for one thing. Everyone should meditate more. But aside from that, if happiness in the Western sense of great achievement and ego fulfillment is not feasible, what is there to motivate us?

I believe the answer is in becoming less of an asshole and feeling like overall, I am having a good impact on the world. Being a compassionate human in the 21st century is a bit of a paradox because, for most of us, our mere existence constitutes a hugely irresponsible set of acts of consumption, waste, and interpersonal conflict. However, being already born, and having determined that I don’t have the neurochemistry to create circumstances of lasting contentment, the course remaining to me is to try and improve the world. But at first I didn’t know how, or even what the relevant issues were. This blog is going to be a moment-to-moment recap of thoughts I am having on these issues, and tips I am picking up. I’m not an expert on any of them, but I’m trying to care, and I’m trying to find ways to turn that caring into practical action. Hopefully you folks will benefit from hearing about it.

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